Is the ProVen Weight Loss Supplement the Solution to Your Weight Struggles_

Is the ProVen Weight Loss Supplement the Solution to Your Weight Struggles?

After doubling in the last two decades, Obesity has become an epidemic in America. The CDC estimates that more than a third of Americans are now obese.

Obese individuals are susceptible to a myriad of health problems, including high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

The quest to shed unwanted pounds has prompted people to search for healthy weight loss plans or the best weight loss diets to help them transition from overweight or obese to fit and healthy.

Fortunately, ProVen is a supplement that offers a way out for people looking to lose weight without going through a warrior-like fitness program or routine. They can continue eating a relatively healthy diet and not have to do anything drastic while shedding their body mass.

What is ProVen Weight Loss Supplement?

Made from naturally sourced ingredients, ProVen is based on a formula adopted from Tibetan monks. However, the formula has been fortified with even more natural active ingredients to enhance its effectiveness.

Each active ingredient has a unique health benefit, which, as a whole, is targeted at reversing obesity and the health struggles associated with it.

This weight loss supplement comes in capsules packaged in branded bottles and can be purchased directly from the ProVen website.

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How Does Proven Help with Weight Loss?

Unlike other conventional weight loss supplements, ProVen has a different method of addressing the weight problem. For instance, you aren’t instructed to go on a strict weight loss diet. Instead, it keeps the weight off by eliminating obesogens — a compound that causes weight gain — from the body.

Ghrelin is the hormone in the body responsible for triggering hunger. Obesogens causes the body to produce an excess of this hunger hormone. When you consume more calories than your body needs or can burn, the excess is stored as fat. This constant fat accumulation in the body is what causes Obesity.

ProVen addresses your weight problem by:

  • Revving up your body’s metabolism, thereby causing it to expend more energy and burn more fat
  • Eliminating harmful toxins in your body such as obesogens

This approach to losing weight works better than most quick weight loss diets, since you don’t have to have an obsession with your eating habits to get back in shape

What Are the Main Ingredients?

Ginseng: Detoxifies the body, improves mood and anti-aging benefits.

Green Tea: Aids the detoxification of the body and reduces the effect of obesogens.

Olive leaves: Speeds up metabolism by regulating hormone levels.

Turmeric: Decreases oxidative stress and repairs cell damage caused by toxins.

Asian Mushrooms: Reishi and Shiitake help the body to burn fat.

Grape Seed: Rids the body of cadmium, an obesogen present in nuts and vegetables.

Does ProVen Work?

The manufacturers of this supplement indicate that it should be continuously taken for three months for best results.

User reviews and other similar reports suggest that most people can expect to lose a significant amount of weight after a few weeks of using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. You can use it without committing to a strict weight loss routine.
  2. It promises quicker and more effective results than most diet plans for weight loss.
  3. Increase the body’s metabolism and vitality.
  4. Since it’s made entirely from natural ingredients, there are no known or reported side effects.


  1. Price is a little on the steep side. However, users can get discounts when they shop directly from the ProVen website.

Studies into the role of obesogens in weight loss are still ongoing. Therefore, the authenticity of the product is mostly based on user reviews and available evidence


If you’re after a weight loss solution that doesn’t involve strict dieting and a rigorous weight loss routine like most healthy weight loss plans, then you should give ProVen supplement a try. It’s a natural and non-restrictive approach to losing weight.

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